Monday, December 28, 2020


This blog offers guidance and advice in support of our lasting love affair with the MGB.
Few cars can boast such an enduring, fascinating attraction. We remain  drawn to the simplicity of design, affordability of price, availability of parts/accessories...and the everlasting thrill of driving this amazing sports car. We welcome email comments and contributions.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Identifying our MGB control switches

We've  made a lot of videos to show the work we did on our 1980 MGB.
Now we made one to explain all the switches and controls that are added. 
We made this car one-of-a-kind.  Problem is, we’re running out of things to improve.  
Maybe it’s time to sell…and start all over again.  Email:      


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Adding A/C to our MGB

We bought a 1980 MGB with Air conditioning.  But the a/c was on the ground….NOT in the car. 
This video shows how we installed the components.  The video notes  sources, suppliers, materials and assistance we received.    
We list them here for quick reference. …just in case you want to add a/c to your car.  

      EnviroSafe-       AutoRefrigerants,com        

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Master Cylinder

This video is about replacing the master cylinder on your MGB.  When installing new brake pads and having to bleed the lines, it’s a good time to consider installing a new or rebuilt master cylinder.  The job requires a handy rag or towel for capturing any spill of brake fluid. It’s very harmful to your cars finish – and anything else it reaches.  Even with your caution, the job is easier with a helper to push the pedal during the bleeding process.  And you must be aware of the sender unit that should be removed. It’s on the side of the master cylinder, and has a stem that sticks out – into the sliding piston. It will hinder your bleeding process if not removed (replaced by a plug). Then the piston will travel to pump fluid to the lines – pushing trapped air escape.  You should end up with a stiff pedal that properly actuates braking action.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Electronic Ignition

This video is about improving the performance of your MGB by altering the distributor.  The mechanical points have a habit of “sticking” closed and stopping the car dead in its tracks.  But, now there is a better option. You can easily upgrade to the more reliable electronic ignition. Simple kits are available. We’ll describe the installation and benefits gained.  Certainly you’ll enjoy not having to deal with the typical roadside frustration of fouled points.  


MGB Emission Controls

This video addresses the issue of providing improved emission control -- to stop the engine stink from the cars breather system.  As the MGB engine runs it thrashes through oil and often releases a moist mixture of air and odor. Older engines simply put an air filter on the breather port to limit the oil residue.  It seldom works.  And certainly, the odor remained obvious and obnoxious. Just like other small oil leaks from worn gaskets -- the oil drips and runs to hit the hot engine ....and stink to high heavens.  An earlier video covered our cure of the leaking "Breather Cap and Gasket".  Now we'll follow the extending breather tube to more features that help to avoid nasty engine odors. We'll cover this issue by showing a solution that filters vapors, smell and waste by feeding it right back for further combustion.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

MGB Engine Breather Cap & Gasket

This video addresses some faults existing with controlling the engine breathing.  Many MGB owners experience a nasty odor emitted by faulty breather covers, gaskets and emission control devices. We will describe the steps of our battle to defeat the nauseous engine odors of these older cars - similar to our used MGB. This video will focus on the cover plate and gasket of the breather port. You’ll see how to remove the cover, replace and seal the gasket, and reinstall the components   You'll see how we made a better gasket to stop a foul smell - and we'll continue on to another video to show more improvements of MGB emsission control.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

MGB Pedal Extenders

Our 1980 MGB roadster is typical to other MGB cars in many ways.  Most of the time we prefer to brag about the pleasure it provides. But, as with any older vehicle, the MGB sometimes demands attention or slight alteration to keep it reliable, road worthy and fun to drive. 

  This video addresses the issue of having to stretch your legs to reach and properly operate the clutch and brake pedals --without having to jam the seat far forward until you're jammed against the steering wheel.  Likewise we offer a solution for the problem of how close the pedals (the brake and the accelerator0 are nested together - side by side and a little too close.  As with our other MGB videos, comments and suggestions - we present our personal MGB repairs solely for your reference, assistance and extended pleasure of owning and driving an MGB . We hope our tips are helpful.