Monday, August 5, 2013

MGB Emission Controls

This video addresses the issue of providing improved emission control -- to stop the engine stink from the cars breather system.  As the MGB engine runs it thrashes through oil and often releases a moist mixture of air and odor. Older engines simply put an air filter on the breather port to limit the oil residue.  It seldom works.  And certainly, the odor remained obvious and obnoxious. Just like other small oil leaks from worn gaskets -- the oil drips and runs to hit the hot engine ....and stink to high heavens.  An earlier video covered our cure of the leaking "Breather Cap and Gasket".  Now we'll follow the extending breather tube to more features that help to avoid nasty engine odors. We'll cover this issue by showing a solution that filters vapors, smell and waste by feeding it right back for further combustion.


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