Saturday, August 3, 2013

MGB Pedal Extenders

Our 1980 MGB roadster is typical to other MGB cars in many ways.  Most of the time we prefer to brag about the pleasure it provides. But, as with any older vehicle, the MGB sometimes demands attention or slight alteration to keep it reliable, road worthy and fun to drive. 

  This video addresses the issue of having to stretch your legs to reach and properly operate the clutch and brake pedals --without having to jam the seat far forward until you're jammed against the steering wheel.  Likewise we offer a solution for the problem of how close the pedals (the brake and the accelerator0 are nested together - side by side and a little too close.  As with our other MGB videos, comments and suggestions - we present our personal MGB repairs solely for your reference, assistance and extended pleasure of owning and driving an MGB . We hope our tips are helpful.

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